The Independent Theater Hungary Received Ibsen Scholarship

Ibsen Awards has awarded the Hungarian project “Peer Gynt’s Children” an International Ibsen Scholarship 2012. The projects “Peer Gynt’s Children” seek to investigate the play Peer Gynt with the aim to see parallels between Peer Gynt and the Romany people. 

For The Independent Theatre Hungary, Peer Gynt is synonymous with the gypsy intellectuals with no roots, sprung from deep poverty. In his home community, Peer became what the environment expected of him. Being subject of a collective disdain resulting from this kind of stigmatization gives a clear analogue to gypsy people’s current situation in Hungary and in Europe. 

The play Peer Gynt discusses issues that are important in young gypsy’s lives today: the relationship between parent and child, the search of opportunities, the fear of frequent retreat, crime and punishment. The Independent Theater Hungary is the first theater group, which has received scholarship from the Ibsen Awards. The project will last from October 2012 till September 2013.