Video about the ‘Feather Picking’

The Independent Theater Hungary made motion pictures based on the play ‘Feather Picking’. In one version the theater performance was recorded, while the other video was made as an out-door,  feature version of the play. The video will be used in the preparation of educational methodology, and also will be presented in more festivals in the near future. The first projection of the feature video was on the 8th November in the Vörösmarty Cinema in Budapest in front of 130 spectators.

The realization of the motion pictures were supported in part by the grant from the Open Society Arts and Culture Program and Youth Initiative.

Some parts of the videos are available for free here.

More information about the motion pictures and their potential order:

The creators of the Feature version:

Babrinka:              Emília Lovas
Mónika:                Mercedes Kalocsay
Rambó:                 Roberto Német Alfréd
Shell:                     Edmond Oláh
Blink:                     József Szkiba

costume:                Judit Sinkovics
makeup:                Mónika Túri
hair:                       Aurélia Nemes
cragsman:              György Toldi 
music:                    Edmond Oláh
English text:            Miklós Horváth
accommodation:     Tök Alsó Kultúrfaluház
unit manager:          Mónika Túri
production manager:        Zsolt Botos
mikrophone:           Gáspár Szabolcs
colorist:                  Márton Szigethy
technician:               László Vajda
lighting:                   László Kürtös
                              János Koch 
best boy                 Tibor Krautwurst
sound editor           Gábor Komlódi 
editor                     Dániel Kapi 
director of photography:     Róbert Maly 

Based on the theater play of Rodrigó Balogh
directed by: Márton Illés, Rodrigó Balogh and Róbert Maly

The creators of the video about the the theater performance:

Babrinka:              Emília Lovas      
Mónika:                Mercedes Kalocsay
Rambó:                 Alfréd Roberto Német
Shell:                     Edmond Oláh
Blink:                     József Szkiba

costume:                Judit Sinkovics
set decoration:       Rodrigó Balogh
makeup:                Mónika Túri
hair:                      Aurélia Nemes
mise en scene:       Márton Illés
music:                    Edmond Oláh
lighting:                  Balázs Botházi
                             Zoltán Kárpáti
best boy:               Péter Lázár
camera operators:  Kristóf Becsey
                             Márton Szigethy
                             Balázs Zajti
                             Gábor Zajti
technician:             György Strasser
camera technique:  AV-Control
English text:           Miklós Horváth

unit manager:         Mónika Túri
production manager:       Zsolt Botos        
sound editor:         Gábor Komlódi
editor:                   Dániel Kapi
director of photography:               Maly Róbert

Based on the theater play of Rodrigó Balogh
directed by: Rodrigó Balogh and Márton Illés