To prove with our activity that Roma integration can be developed in the frame of socially active financially sustainable enterprises, which produce valuable products of art and educate active professionals with Roma origin. In order to reach our mission we work on the realization of novel, human-centered artistic initiatives, which react social issues and involves disadvantaged people.
Top row, from left to right: Edina Dömök (actress, trainer), Tamás Szegedi (actor, director, drama instructor, trainer), Eszter Bernáth (co-trainer), Rodrigó Balogh (art director), Vivien Balogh (trainer).
Bottom line, from left to right Tamás Boros (actor, drama instructor, trainer), Judit Macher (trainer, head of research in educational programs), Márton Illés (program director), Angéla Szabó (trainer) and Máté Lajhó (co-trainer). 
 Photo by Alina Vincze


Our Aims

• Complex development and dissemination of non-formal art education and human-centered art 
• Development of a social enterprise, which is independent from the state sources, dissemination of its methodology
• Education disadvantaged young people and support them in order they can become professionals
• Advancing the cultural, social and economical integration.


Institutional Background

The Independent Theater was established in 2004 as an initiative without legal status. Its financial activities were managed by the self-employed Rodrigó Balogh. The Multikulti 2009 Bt. was established in order to ensure institutional background for the Independent Theater in 2009. Since 2013 the Women for the Future Association ensures the legal and financial representation of the Independent Theater.