Who killed Szomna Grancsa?

Hungarian premiere at
III. 3rd Roma Heroes International Theatre Festival
15th August 2019, 6 p.m., RS9 Theatre, Vallai kert

 Source: Giuvlipen Theater Company

The play by Giuvlipen company from Bucharest tells the story of a young Roma girl who believes in the importance of education and does everything she can to keep going to school. But she encounters a lot of difficulties. What can a young student do if her family does not support her? How can she fight prejudices in the school every day? What is our responsibility for the youngsters and in providing equal opportunities for everyone when starting their lives and be able to study? The play provides insight to a really brave girl's life who does everything she can for what she believes in. The play was based on a true story and guides us to a Romanian village where Gypsy and Hungarian people live together and who are almost the same for an outsider.

directed by Mihai Lukács
written by Mihai Lukács & Giuvlipen Theatre Company
performed by Mihaela Drăgan, Zita Moldovan, Liana Ceterchi
music: Elena Albu

In Romanian language with English surtitles and Hungarian interpreting.
Audience discussion with the artists after the show. 

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