The Roma are the largest and most disadvantaged ethnic minority in the region and also the most hated one – proved by the Eurobarometer. Their perception by the majority and themselves should be improved.

Although the Roma theater has century long history and there is current active Roma theaters it doesn’t have relevant visibility in the cultural and education main stream and the initiatives are quite isolated.  

We realized the world’s only international Roma theater festival in 2017 and 2018 in Budapest. We and the Czech partner also realized numerous professional theater performances but didn’t perform in each other countries. The Slovakian partner has the richest - but hardly known - collection regarding Roma culture in the region, and also dramatized some literature work.

The experiences of the main applicant proved that showing the potential of active citizens, who react on challenges by making responsible decisions, being active and initiate some changes in their own life and the ones in their surroundings – which are relevant in the case of dramatic heroes – can foster the empowerment of Roma communities – as it happened parallel in the cases of different national and ethnic groups in history (e.g.: Ancient Greece, the England of Elisabeth or the 19th century of the Visegrad country nations).

The highlighting of the values of active Roma dramatic characters can develop the perception of the majority on Roma communities and empower the community members themselves.

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