Children of the Wind

World premiere at
Roma Heroes – 2nd International Roma Storytelling Festival

Saturday, 26th May 2018, 6:00 p.m., Studio K Theatre

“I offered to shake hands but the boy stood up and was a head taller than me and looking scary! “I don’t shake hands with Italians pieces of shit!” My answer: “I’m Sicilian, not Italian!” This made some effect on him as I later understood that Roma people like Sicily, Naples and generally tend to have better relation with people from south of Italy.”

The circus artist, performer and teacher talks about his own life. His own identity is still uncertain as the presumably Roma origin of his grandmother was concealed by the family. At the age of 17, the protagonist, black sheep of the family, ran away and travelled all over Europe as a musician and circus artist. He worked with Antonioni. In 2000, he went to Norway where he learnt that Roma people were tortured in the country during the 20th century, as people thought that sterilisation and lobotomy are useful. After, the artist returned to Italy to work with Roma children. Almost nobody believed in these kids except from him, but he founded a band with the stateless youngsters living in segregated ghettos.

written and performed by Sebastiano Spinella

In English language with Hungarian surtitles.
After the performance, the artist will be in conversation.