Message of Alina Serban

Alina Serban
Photo by: Romedia Foundation
Theatre is an encounter ! thank you fellow humans for meeting my thoughts today 27th of March.
27th of March is a day to reflect on the importance of theatre. But is also the day when the woman who gave birth to me was born.
My mom, Niculina, is a Roma woman who works as a cleaner in Bucharest, Romania. She is a short, strong woman who struggled all her life. She is one of those thousand and thousand women of that theatre should speak about
Today we must remember the importance of so many untold stories that need , please allow me to repeat, that need -to be told.
I wish my words could grow hands now so I could touch you, embrace you my fellow actors-all theatre makers, and tell you that we are needed and that what you are doing is important.
Is crucial that us maintain our eyes and hearts open to what is happening around us.
When this so called' power' / authority is delaying in making justice, when it's giving fuel to hate, to violence against other fellow humans is up to us to speak up, to say' we are NOT part of this'
I only have a half of page and there are so many things I'd like to say, if I'll have just one phrase to say I'll choose to say ' please do not delay in uncovering, in cornering, pointing out the hate around you'.
It's not possible, that in 2014, after our universal history to still have people leaving in fear because of their ethnicity, color, sexual orientation.
It's up to us to show our artistic fists and put our truths on loud speakers!
In this short time we have to pass this earth, please ask yourselves as I ask myself too: what kind of artist do you want to be? In what type of society you want to live in ?
Your answers matter.
As an artist, as a Romanian Roma, a woman, an immigrant- I aim to create and be part of a theatre that cares that challenges the privileged perspective and discrimination.
I think I passed my half of page, so I will try to leave you with another thought about my mom.
She asked me' my dear, I know your smart why don't you get a normal job and you run up and down to pay rent?'
Many times I asked that myself too, but I just keep on doing it with the hope that what I do today will help the Roma kids, and non Roma to be treated better .
Long live theatre and moms!