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Saint Cows – action theater performance on the International Theater Day

On the 27th March 2014 the Independent Theater presented pictures of today’s Hungary for the co-workers of a Norwegian Alesund Adult Learning Centre and the passers of the street. Before the performance one of the artists read the alternative message of the Roma theater professional Alina Serban, which she has written for this day. 

The performance showed situations related many actual issues from the corruption and the inciting hate speech of politicians, through the manipulation of the mass media and the civil initiatives till the hate crimes on the street and in the family. 

At the end all the performers were kicked out by an employee of the labor office because of unjustified pretenses and were mixed by the participants of a flash mob, who pulled attention to the 600 thousand young Hungarian, who left Hungary because of many reasons, which were symbolized by flags held by them. The audience was able to understand the background of the many immigrants from Eastern Europe they meet in Norway and the reasons why they left their home country.

As the performance was played on the street of the city, it reached many people, who otherwise wouldn’t go to the theater, but this way they were also able to enjoy theater on this special day.

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Photos by Erika Lakatos