The performance based on the crime novel ‘Et stille umærkeligt drab’  (A quiet unfelt killing) written by Kaaberbøl & Friis brings attention to the importance of the social and environmental  responsibility. Youngsters are hanging around in an abandoned building full with garbage. Once they find an object, which they wouldn’t have imagined either in their nightmares. The performance is only a fiction, but the almost 50,000 Hungarian citizens who can do on only by collecting and reselling garbage, and the many pieces of dangerous waste without any control are not fiction.

Director: Rodrigó Balogh, Márton Illés 

Mercedes  Kalocsay
József Szkiba
Tamás András Szegedi 

Technician: Feldesz Gergő

The Performance has been realized for the order of the  Libri Könyvkiadó Kft.
Time of the premier: 17th April 2012.