Peer Gynt's Children - Sin Village


Program: In a 3-hour-long walking tour on the beautiful Gellért Hill in the Heart of Budapest you can watch the performance of the UN price winner Ibsen Award scholar Independent Theater Hungary, played by young Gypsy and non-Gypsy actors. The scenes of the performance come to life in different spots of the picturesque hill. You’ll never know where, what will happen. The only thing you can be sure that after the performance a nice outdoor dinner will wait for you, where you can chat with the creators of the performance.

Story: The adaptation of Ibsen’s world famous play: Peer Gynt tells the story of a poor guy living in a small, corrupt village, where no one dares to resist the dirty affairs of the mayor’s mafia. Although he is very popular among women especially the daughter of the mayor, he needs a lot of luck after mentioning in public the anomalies of the small Hungarian Village.

The performance is in Hungarian with simultaneous interpretation.

József Budai
Orsolya Ádám
Tamás Boros
Gellért Csiki
Franciska Farkas
Emília Lovas
Edmond Oláh
István Tóth 

Writer and director: Rodrigó Balogh 
Dramaturge, assistent: Márton Illés
Coreographers: Gábor Jászberényi, Milán Újvári 

Photos of the performance >>>

Trailer of the performance: