The play which tells the adventures of the protagonist, Rupi Bárányka shows, it doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from, what is the color of our skin, the same problems are around us. The prose materials of the performance are inspired by the tales of Károly Bari. In its language the folksy narrative, which is rich of wordplay and of speech, and today’s language are combined. The performance is based on one of the most important human value, the tolerance. Its most important tool is the humor. During the play we can listen to many authentic Roma songs from Greek, Rumanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Russian and Czech regions. 

Director: Rodrigó Balogh 

Kátya Tompos 
Artúr Szőcs 
Csaba Zöld 
Rodrigó Balogh 

Main performances

Spinoza Ház;
Budapesti Kamaraszínház, Shure Studio;
R.S.9 Színház.