Mirad, Fazila, Djuka… exotic names… their owners can be Kurdish, Afghans, Iraqi, Palestinians, Somalians. We can enumerate long the trouble spots of the World. We listen to the news, and read the newspapers with the sense of security ‘ it can’t happen to us’.

In the poem of István Simon: “ Boy playing the harmonica“ the blond boy is drifted to Hungary in the The World War II. The Mirad of Rodrigó Balogh also mourn his past, his present, his future, his everything by his harmonica. This studio play presents a disaster which happened close to us in space and in time. What will rest for you, if all of your world is blasted by the South Slavic War?

Writer: Ad de Bont
Translater: Simon Márta
Director: Balogh Rodrigó
Mise en scene: Török Tamás

Mirad: Gábor Jászberényi 
Djuka: Szabolcs Jáger 
Fazila: Erika Gergely 

Music: Gábor Jászberényi (harmonica)
Scenery and Costume: Zsófia Federits 
Graphic: Oláh Zoltán

The UNHCR has given a Menedék-prize for the Independent Theater because of the realization and management of the play and because of the popularization of the solidarity with refugees in Middle East Europe in 2007.