Five youngsters try to escape from the summer camp organized for Roma children, where they dared to mention some of the anomalies they experienced. They want to go home. On their way they meet many realistic and dreamlike situations and also their earlier stories come to live. Through the points of view of the children we can get to know a world about which we have only little and mostly distorted information.

Writer - Director: Balogh Rodrigó 
Mise en scene: Illés Márton

Babrinka - Emília Lovas
Rambo - Alfréd Roberto Német
Index - József Szkiba
Mónika - Mercedes Kalocsay
Szotyi - Tamás András Szegedi / Edmond Oláh

Music: Jammal / Edmond Oláh (beatbox)
Costume: Judit Sinkovics
Graphic: Zoltán Oláh 

Rodrigó Balogh (UN prize for directing, Junior Prima prize for education) has written the play from many legal cases and personal stories. The play shows many anomalies of the Roma integration, which hardly appear in the public discourse and never in the literature. Altough the Roma art has been received higher attention in the last few years, mostly the authentic and the romantic pieces got in the focus, and the Hungarian culture hardly deal with the present problems of the Roma people. The ‘Feather Picking’ shows today’s society and the reality of the Roma integration, with all of their absurdity, hypocrisy and cruelty.