Earth Eaters in Europe

In our outdoor performance the audience can face the actual social, environmental and economic challenges through the monologues of eight very different European character.

The performance is performed by the Peer Gynt Scholars. The audience can decide regarding the dramaturgical order of the monologues and can get involved in the performance in an interactive way. This performance proves that theater can be moved out from its stone buildings in order to reach and involve different groups of people.

Orsolya Ádám
Anna Barabás
Tamás Boros
József Budai
Gellért Csiki
Franciska Farkas
Edmond Oláh
István Tóth

Writer: Márton Illés
Director: Rodrigó Balogh
Coreograph: Hajnal Lisztóczky
Costume: Boglárka Dani, Zsolt Paráda
Music: Zsuzsanna Mészáros (Marge), Tamás Papp (TMX)

The photos of the performance are available here >>>