It’s a cultural thing. Or is it?

Hungarian premiere at
Roma Heroes – 2nd International Roma Storytelling Festival
 Sunday, 27th May 2018. 8:30 p.m.

“We were living in the woody crossroads, we had an old wagon and tent and we had an old mare too. I remember me and Johnny me mommy put two dresses on us and tied us to the wattles of the tent cause she was afraid that we would get hurt or knocked down by a car. So she tied us to the wattles and this guard came on one day on his big black bike and said good evening to ya missus Collins. She explained to the guard that she had to get sticks and water and there was no one on the road to mind us cause we were all young and me daddy was gone hunting through the field. The guard took off his hat scratched his head and said untie the children Mrs Collins and went off on his big black bike. He came back with a big bundle of sticks and went off again and came back with a big churn can of water. I remember saying to me mommy one day I said I could understand you trying us to the wattles but what was the idea of putting to girls dresses on two boys?”

The Irish Traveller artist talks with his own daughter who wants to leave school. To convince her, he recalls childhood memories and through these sometimes funny, sometimes hard stories shows her daughter the importance of education.

written by Michael Collins
starring Michael Collins and Catharine Collins

In English language with Hungarian subtitles.
After the performance, the artists will be in conversation.