Gypsy Wheels

Hungarian premiere at

Roma Heroes – 2nd International Roma Storytelling Festival
Friday, 25th May 2018, 6:00 p.m., Studio K Theatre

"I only need to forget. I shall forget, I promise you, for you, for me, I will go for a surgery that will erase all scars and scratches from my childhood. I will drain my blood to the last drop so that I will not hear its pulsating story and I will transfuse fresh blood, I will wipe out from my memory all that has been written down into it for years…"

The play presents the inner struggle of a young Roma woman who has left the Bulgarian ghetto, has a profession, got hired for an office job and wants to assimilate into the majority’s world. She wants to erase her childhood phantasies crowded with elephants and acrobats as well as the real challenges and difficulties of her friends and family. But is it possible to forget our roots and deny ourselves?
The protagonist talks about herself and her human relations without drafting concepts of the enemy. The positive message of the play is boosted by heart-warming humour.

starring Nataliya Tsekova

music: Martin Lubenov

written by Zdrava Kamenova, Kalin Angelov

design and costumes by Irina Vasileva

In Bulgarian language with Hungarian interpreting and English subtitles.

After the performance, the artists will be in conversation.