Chameleon Girl

World premiere as the opening performance of 
Roma Heroes – 2nd International Festival

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 6:00 p.m., Studio K Theatre

“We can truly understand our loved ones only if we do not simply accept what they say with their lips. Only if we really breath together and become truly one, as a chameleon.”

A helper is asking questions to a seemingly average teenage girl to understand, why she did what she did, why she wants to decide as she does. The girl recalls memories and experiences, not all of which are her own. We can learn about the challenges of grandparents, sisters, teachers, kindergarten peers and schoolmates through the story of the girl with a strange talent: she can assimilate with everything or everyone, reads the mind and memories of others and doesn’t want to follow anyone’s example. She wants to live her own life instead.
The superhero-story was devised based on the real-life stories of Roma youngsters participating in “Roma Heroes” workshop of Independent Theater. The play brings new light on the members of this colourful and conscious generation.

starring Emília Lovas

written by Illés Márton
English translation: Anna Lengyel
music: Szabolcs Endrődy and Vincent Ribault
costume: Kinga Gulyás
visual: Alina Vincze
assistant: Dorottya Mátravölgyi

directed by Tamás Szegedi

In Hungarian language with English subtitles.

After the performance, the artists will be in conversation.