I Declare at My Own Risk

Alina Serban

Alina Serban/Photo

On 27 July 2017, the First International Storytelling Festival opens with I Declare at My Own Risk, a play by Alina Serban, in which the artist shares significant moments of her own life and childhood with the audience.

The play let us glimpse into the life of a young girl, who, just as her peers, is a fan of pop music, likes to hang out with friends and dreams about her future. At the same time, she lives in one of the worst neighbourhoods in Bucharest, under conditions which are not fit for studying. She often feels ashamed for rats crawling around her clothes, for asking acquaintances to let her have a bath at their home, for being Roma.

When her mother gets into jail, it becomes evident for her that if she wants to get out of poverty, she can solely rely on herself. Not even the hardest of times can wipe the smile off her face and break the endurance in her heart. Although sometimes she doubts that her dreams may come true, finally she gets to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and accepts her Roma origin. She realises: being Roma is not only a stigma but also something to be proud of. Surely, the struggle does not end here. “Having climbed a mountain, you may rest a bit but after there will be another peak to climb” - believes the artist, author of several own plays, which, as an actress, she performs in Romania and in the United Kingdom as well. 

“What Alina Serban undertakes in this play artistically is a milestone in the history of documentarist theatre. She does not only perform promptly and precisely as an actress but also she sets an important human example” - says Mária Szilágyi, director of Contemporary Drama Festival.  

After the performance, a conversation will be organized with the participation of Alina Serban. The performance is in English language, with Hungarian interpreting.

Written, directed and performed by: Alina Serban
Translated by: Beáta Adorján

Stúdió K Theatre (Budapest, 9. district, Ráday street 32.)
27th July 2017, 18.00h

Duration of the performance: 90 min
Duration of the conversation: 60 min

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