Del Duma

Mihaela Dragan/Photo

The monodrama Del Duma (She Speaks), to be performed on 28 July in Budapest, is based on conversations with Roma women and on the own experiences of the playwright Mihaela Dragan.

The play presents the diversity of Romanian Gypsy society, and shows the possibilities and difficulties, the joys and struggles from a female point of view, through the eyes of the women, heroes of the everydays.

The performance focuses on the compatibility of tradition and modernity, Roma and Romanian identity within one nation, one community or even in one person.  

“, Mihaela Dragan, half Romanian, half Roma, I love and respect my both ethnicities” - sums up the actress at the end of the play.

The Romanian artist is a founding member of Giuvlipen Company and the author of several theatre plays.
On the recommendation of Rodrigó Balogh, Mihaela Dragan is shortlisted for Gilder/Coigney International Theater Award 2017.

“When I think of Mihaela, the word ‘avant-garde’ comes into my mind. Its thanks to her that Romani language has a word for feminism: giuvlipen, which is also the name of her company” - explained Beáta Adorján, translator of the play and dramaturge of Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen.  

The play is performed in the frame of the First International Roma Storytelling Festival, 27-28 July. 
The performance is in Romanian language with Hungarian interpreting and English subtitles.
After the performance, a conversation is organised with the participation of Mihaela Dragan.

Written and performed by: Mihaela Dragan
Directed by: Liana Ceterchi
Guitar: Gusztáv Balogh
Translated by: Beáta Adorján

Stúdió K Theatre (Budapest, 9. district, Ráday street 32.)
28th July 2017, 20:45
Duration of the performance: 70 min
Duration of the conversation: 60 min

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