Earth Eaters

In 2124, only one species of mutants, the earth eaters, are living on the Earth.

photo: Róbert Maly

It is just science fiction, but the reality is much more exciting. In the Independent Theatre’s Earth
Eaters performance contemporary Europeans are yarning about their lives, their thoughts.
The environmental, social and economic problems raised by them can be answered only by us.
On the occasion of the Day of the Earth the Peer Gynt scholars of the theater will perform the  eight Europeans on the lawn of Millenáris. They will wear costumes made from recycled materials.


Orsolya Ádám

Anna Barabás

Tamás Boros

József Budai

Gellért Csiki

Franciska Farkas

Edmond Oláh

István Tóth

Writer: Márton Illés
Director: Rodrigó Balogh
Coreograph: Hajnal Lisztóczky
Costume: Boglárka Dani, Zsolt Paráda 
Music: Zsuzsanna Mészáros (Marge), Tamás Papp (Tmx)
Technician: Áron Farkas